Practical Roofing Tips for Homes in Rochester, NY

roofing rochester ny

Your roof is an investment. When you properly maintain your roof, you’re protecting the overall value of your house. If you ever decide to sell, you’ll get the best price when you perform regular maintenance and safety precautions on your roof.

Roofing maintenance is especially important for the greater Rochester area. Known as the 27th coldest city in the US (along with Buffalo), Rochester, NY has a daily winter mean of -3°F. Blizzards, sudden snow storms, and constant freeze-thaw temperatures can all potentially damage your roof unless you implement these simple tips.

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Ice Dams: How to Destroy Them

how to get rid of ice dams

Have you ever seen a lump of ice form at the edge of the roof, typically along the gutters? That ice, sometimes complete with icicles, is called an ice dam. They’re all too common for homes in upstate New York.

Ice dams are an extremely dangerous nuisance, so once you see them beginning to form along the edge of your roof, address the problem as soon as possible.

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Leak in Ceiling? Here’s What to Do…

leak in ceiling rochester ny

Leak in ceiling? Don’t panic. It doesn’t always mean your roof is compromised. However, it will take some investigating.

Is your ceiling discolored, bulging, or showing signs of water dripping through? There are many possible causes for a leak in the ceiling.

Let’s cover some ways to identify the source of your ceiling leak. Then we’ll share some tips on what to do in between repair.

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