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Save Your Roof by Preventing Ice Dams This Winter

Winters in Rochester, NY, bring severe weather such as snow, sleet and freezing rain. While long icicles hanging from the eaves of your home might add to the visuals of a majestic winter, they’re actually a symptom of ice dams, which are a significant problem for homeowners. A falling icicle can damage people and property, but that’s just the beginning of the problem, as a dam also allows accumulated water to leak into the attic. If you want to keep this from happening, it’s important to act before temperatures start to drop. Here are a few ways we can help.

Keep Heat Inside

Ice dams form when heat from your house radiates upward and warms the underside of your roof. As snow and other precipitation lands on the building, it melts and refreezes into a mass that prevents proper drainage of additional rain or snowfall. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to confine your home heating energy to the living spaces where it belongs. We’ll use a few different techniques to keep your roofing cold:

  • Increase insulation to create a stronger thermal barrier
  • Locate and seal any leaks from the rooms below the attic
  • Add outside ventilation to equalize temperatures

Address Structural Roofing Issues

While controlling heat radiation is the most important step in preventing ice dams, you should also eliminate other conditions that make formation favorable. We can take a look at your roof to see if it has a sufficient angle to promote proper drainage. We’ll also keep an eye out for sagging areas or other indentations that might cause water to accumulate and freeze. Your gutters might also need some attention, as a clogged gutter could make liquid back up and create the same situation. One last solution is to replace your wooden, slate or composite shingles with metal roofing that allows thermal energy to dissipate faster.

Keep Ice Dams at Bay

When cold weather starts to arrive, you can sort people into two categories based on the way they address this situation. As a proactive homeowner, you’ll be able to comfortably sit inside with your favorite hot beverage while your reactive neighbor gets up on the roof with a push broom, hammer and chisel.
Don’t sit through another Rochester winter without taking steps to keep ice dams from forming on your home. Before the first snowflake falls, contact Exceptional Exteriors online or give us a call at 585-284-2800 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced roofers.

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