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When Is It Time for a New Roof for Your Porch?

A covered porch is a great feature for any home, as it can provide a shady outdoor respite during hot days and cover for packages in the event of inclement weather. While it’s easy to take this installation for granted, you should be sure to monitor the health of the structure to ensure many years of effective use. Here are a few warning signs that will tell you it’s time to replace the roof on your porch.

Roof Age Matters

Roofing has a finite life span, and depending on the materials used and the climate in your area, the roof on your porch could last up to 20 years before significant deterioration occurs. If you’re starting to approach the higher end of that estimate, you should pay extra attention for warning signs whenever you’re cleaning or doing maintenance.

Monitor Roofing Materials

Just like the roofing that covers the rest of your home, the cover for your porch stands up to a lot of abuse. As the wind, rain, ice and heat take their toll on the shingles and other materials, you’ll start to see some evidence that components are breaking down. Keep an eye out for small pieces of shingle and other debris near the output of your downspouts, as that’s a key indicator of deterioration.

Visible Clues

While a lot of water damage occurs invisibly beneath the surface, it will eventually become easier to see evidence of a problem. Missing or damaged shingles are probably the first thing you’ll spot, but there are additional clues that could be a dead giveaway that it’s time to call a roofer:

  • Indentations or concave spots in the roof, which are a sign of water damage and rotting wood below the surface
  • Streaks of dark material on the roof’s underside are an indication of liquid infiltration, mold and mildew

Roofs support a lot of weight, and it doesn’t take much damage to create an unsafe situation. If you spot any of the symptoms of significant water incursion or rot, restrict access to the area underneath until a roofer can evaluate the situation and perform repair work.

Call a Roofing Professional

Exceptional Exteriors has more than 30 years of experience helping Rochester homeowners with their roofing needs. Call us for an inspection if the roof over your porch is nearing the end of its reasonable life expectancy. To make an appointment with one of our technicians for a free estimate or learn about our other services, contact our office today at 585-284-2800.

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