Top Tips to Keep Your Rain Gutters Clean

The rain gutters on your roof serve an important function, as they channel water away from your building to keep it from pooling up against your foundation. In order for these components to work properly, they need to be free of obstructions from leaves and other debris. If you’re overdue for this crucial chore, you might wonder how best to go about cleaning your gutter system. Here are a few suggestions to help make quick work of this project.


1.) Don’t Work Alone

To access the gutters, you’ll need to get up on a ladder, which is why you should always have someone standing by to assist you. Not only can your helper hold you steady while you’re up in the air, he or she can also help save time by handing things to you to avoid constant climbing up and down. While you hope no accidents happen, an assistant can also be there to provide first aid should you accidentally slip and fall.


2.) Take Safety Precautions

Working with a buddy is a great first start, but there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself safe when you’re up on the ladder. Invest in a heavy-duty set of work gloves, as gutter debris can include everything from leaves to insects and nails. If you’re planning on using water pressure to blast accumulation away, consider wearing safety goggles or at least sunglasses to help shield your eyes from flying particles. Shoes with rubber soles are also a great idea, as they’ll help you maintain your steady footing on the rungs and rooftop.


3.) Use Good Equipment

Like it can for any other household chore, good equipment goes a long way towards making gutter cleaning easier. Before you head out to tackle your gutters, assemble your entire kit so you don’t have to go looking for something mid-project. Don’t worry about how much you’ve spent, as you should tackle the job with tools and accessories that provide optimum functionality:

  • Ladders with four legs for maximum stability
  • Garden hoses with no leaks and attachments to increase pressure
  • Plastic gutter scoops to avoid scratching the metal


4.) Keep Your Gutters Clean

These are just a few tips to help you safely clean out your roof’s gutter system, but don’t hesitate to hire professional help if you don’t feel comfortable getting up on the ladder. At Exceptional Exteriors, we have more than 30 years of experience as Rochester’s roofing contractor, and our technicians are ready to assist with cleaning and repair to restore optimal water flow. To schedule an appointment or learn about our other services, call us today at 585-284-2800.

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