When Is It Time for a New Roof for Your Porch?

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A covered porch is a great feature for any home, as it can provide a shady outdoor respite during hot days and cover for packages in the event of inclement weather. While it’s easy to take this installation for granted, you should be sure to monitor the health of the structure to ensure many years of effective use. Here are a few warning signs that will tell you it’s time to replace the roof on your porch.


Roof Age Matters

Roofing has a finite life span, and depending on the materials used and the climate in your area, the roof on your porch could last up to 20 years before significant deterioration occurs. If you’re starting to approach the higher end of that estimate, you should pay extra attention for warning signs whenever you’re cleaning or doing maintenance.


Monitor Roofing Materials

Just like the roofing that covers the rest of your home, the cover for your porch stands up to a lot of abuse. As the wind, rain, ice and heat take their toll on the shingles and other materials, you’ll start to see some evidence that components are breaking down. Keep an eye out for small pieces of shingle and other debris near the output of your downspouts, as that’s a key indicator of deterioration.


Visible Clues

While a lot of water damage occurs invisibly beneath the surface, it will eventually become easier to see evidence of a problem. Missing or damaged shingles are probably the first thing you’ll spot, but there are additional clues that could be a dead giveaway that it’s time to call a roofer:

  • Indentations or concave spots in the roof, which are a sign of water damage and rotting wood below the surface
  • Streaks of dark material on the roof’s underside are an indication of liquid infiltration, mold and mildew

Roofs support a lot of weight, and it doesn’t take much damage to create an unsafe situation. If you spot any of the symptoms of significant water incursion or rot, restrict access to the area underneath until a roofer can evaluate the situation and perform repair work.


Call a Roofing Professional

Exceptional Exteriors has more than 30 years of experience helping Rochester homeowners with their roofing needs, so call us for an inspection if the roof over your porch is nearing the end of its reasonable life expectancy. To make an appointment with one of our technicians for a free estimate or learn about our other services, contact our office today at 585-284-2800.

Repairs or Replacement: How to Handle Your Roof

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You count on your roof to provide shelter and protection from the elements, but years of Mother Nature’s abuse can take its toll. If you’re experiencing water leaks or disintegrating shingles, it’s important to get help from an experienced residential roof repair specialist before it’s too late. While complete replacement can be a daunting proposition, it might be possible to simply repair the damage. As your trusted roofing contractors, we can help you determine the right course of action to solve your specific situation.

When to Repair

When a windstorm or other weather event rolls through, it’s possible to lose a few shingles if the gusts happen to hit the right way. If the damage is limited to a small area, you can get away with a simple roof repair that’s much friendlier to your budget. One thing to keep in mind is the appearance of larger patches, as a new shingle won’t match the natural wearing and fading experienced by your existing roofing.

Roof Replacement Options

A lot can go into the decision to replace your home’s roofing. Before you opt for a repair, you should first consider the age of the existing shingles, as a roof has a finite lifespan. A patch job might seem more affordable right now, but you could end up back in the same situation if the components continue to degrade. It may actually be more cost-effective to start over with new materials that carry a warranty.

Once you decide on replacement, your roofing contractor can provide you with a few different options. In the case of asphalt roofs, it’s often possible to put a second layer of shingles over the existing one to avoid the costs of stripping things down to the sub-roofing. You could also take this opportunity to switch to a new material, as each surface has its own advantages and disadvantages. While partial replacements are an option, you’re already going to have the scaffolding and crew in place, so why not do the whole thing?

Protect Your Home

If you’re considering residential roof repairs or replacement, let our experienced roofing contractors evaluate the situation and develop a sensible plan of attack. Your roof’s health is paramount to the long-term stability of your entire home, as it serves as the first line of protection from mold, mildew and structural water damage. To schedule an appointment and  get a quick quote, contact Exceptional Exteriors online today or call us at 585-284-2800.

What to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

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Because your roof is such an important layer of protection for your home, it makes perfect sense that you want to go to great lengths to keep your roof looking and performing at its absolute best. Our Rochester roofers are committed to bringing out the best in your roof and educating you on how we do that. For that reason, here are a few questions to ask roofers before hiring them.

Do You Have General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance?

Home roofing can be rather dangerous, no matter how routine the job might be. If a worker is injured on your property, workers comp insurance takes care of her or him. Should you work with a roofer who doesn’t have workers comp, you risk being held liable for any injuries suffered while at your home. Much like workers comp protects employees, general liability coverage protects your home. Any mishaps that happen to your property that result in damage are handled by the roofer’s insurance company rather than yours, but only if the roofer has general liability coverage. There’s no need for you to be made to pay for someone else’s mistakes.


Will You Take Measures to Protect My Gutters While up on My Roof?

Your gutters are an essential part of your roofing system, which means they should be properly protected during a home roof project. Specifically, ladder stabilizers and standoffs are commonly used to keep gutters protected and ladders from putting unnecessary stress on gutters, which can result in them tearing off or becoming otherwise unnecessarily damaged.


Will You Take Care of Any Debris?

Depending on the roofing project, there’s likely to be old materials and refuse that need to be taken care of. It should be the roofing company that handles this, not you. Even if roofers take care of the cleanup, make sure they’ll also bring their own container so you don’t have to worry about providing one yourself.


It’s essential that you have all your bases covered when it comes to hiring a roofer in Rochester. For more tips on questions you should ask someone who works on the roof of your home, reach out to us here.      

Common Commercial Roof Problems  

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No matter what kind of commercial building you manage or own, it’s vital to take good care of your roof. Roof problems can end up costing even more money in extensive building repair or renovations. It’s best to put your trust in a contractor like our team at Exceptional Exteriors when you need commercial roofing in Rochester, NY, or if you have roofing problems that need to be solved. Here are some of the most common issues your commercial roof may have.

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Roof Replacement Options

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When your roof needs replacement, the sticker shock might be surprising. About 70 to 80 percent of the cost of a roof replacement in Rochester, NY goes into the materials. Of course, all homeowners want a roof that will last a long time – which means they’ll need high quality materials. Then labor costs are another 20 to 30 percent. Since the house is probably your largest personal asset, it’s worth your investment.

To help you when considering a roof replacement, here is a guide of different roofing materials with pros and cons for each one:

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Practical Roofing Tips for Homes in Rochester, NY

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Your roof is an investment. When you properly maintain your roof, you’re protecting the overall value of your house. If you ever decide to sell, you’ll get the best price when you perform regular maintenance and safety precautions on your roof.

Roofing maintenance is especially important for the greater Rochester area. Known as the 27th coldest city in the US (along with Buffalo), Rochester, NY has a daily winter mean of -3°F. Blizzards, sudden snow storms, and constant freeze-thaw temperatures can all potentially damage your roof unless you implement these simple tips.

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Ice Dams: How to Destroy Them

how to get rid of ice dams

Have you ever seen a lump of ice form at the edge of the roof, typically along the gutters? That ice, sometimes complete with icicles, is called an ice dam. They’re all too common for homes in upstate New York.

Ice dams are an extremely dangerous nuisance, so once you see them beginning to form along the edge of your roof, address the problem as soon as possible.

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Leak in Ceiling? Here’s What to Do…

leak in ceiling rochester ny

Leak in ceiling? Don’t panic. It doesn’t always mean your roof is compromised. However, it will take some investigating.

Is your ceiling discolored, bulging, or showing signs of water dripping through? There are many possible causes for a leak in the ceiling.

Let’s cover some ways to identify the source of your ceiling leak. Then we’ll share some tips on what to do in between repair.

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