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Common Questions & Answers

What goes into the cost of a roofing project?

When it comes to installing or repairing a roof, labor and materials are going to drive up the most costs. Paying a crew for their professional installation skills accounts for 20-30% of the overall cost of your roof replacement. This includes the careful removal and disposal of the old roof and underlayment. Costs may vary depending on the size and angles of your roof.

Roofing materials are generally expensive, and between 70-80% of the overall cost goes to materials. Materials can also include accessories such as fresh drip edges, fasteners, new ventilation, and new flashing.

Equipment is another factor that can affect the cost of a roofing project. This category may include equipment such as roof jacks, shingle cutters, air compressors, pneumatic nailers, liability insurance, and fuel.

How can a roof warranty benefit you?

Our roofing brands offer a variety of different warranty options. Some brands offer five to 10-year warranties. Other brands offer exclusive warranties to contractor network members and cover a range as high as 15-50 years. These warranties often cover material defects and labor to repair material defects.

When should you install a new roof?

Is your roof over 20 years old, or is it showing signs of significant damage? It may be time to replace it. Our team will work closely with you to meet your needs and install a durable and beautiful roof that’s built to last.

Here are some other signs that it may be time to replace your roof:

  • Curled or cracked shingles
  • Water leaks
  • Unexplainably high energy bills
  • Missing granules
  • Bald spots

If your roof is showing any of these signs or looks worn-down, we can perform any immediate repairs and give you an honest estimate for roof installation.

How much does it cost to install siding?

The cost for siding installation can vary, but usually material drives up the most cost. Though higher-quality material can cost more, it tends to last longer and reduces the need for replacement siding or exterior painting.

The size of a home is another major factor. The larger the house, the higher the cost for materials and labor. The cost of your siding project can also depend on the shape of your home. Siding a house with turrets, eaves, and multiple floors will require higher labor costs than a house with a simple cube shape.

If your home’s current siding is older, you may need to remove or overlay, which can also drive up the costs. Some types of siding can be installed on top of old siding; otherwise, you may need to pay more for removal.

When should you replace your siding?

Is the siding on your house deteriorating, cracked, or fading? Have your energy bills seemed higher than usual? Are the panels loose, or does your siding have mildew or bubbles of pooled water?

Siding can begin to break down over time, causing splits and openings in the insulation, which can leave your home feeling colder or warmer depending on the time of year. Not to mention, it can also leave the outside of your home looking worn-down.

When should you install windows & doors?

Do your windows always seem cloudy? Do you feel a draft or hear constant noise coming from outside? Are any of your exterior doors loose, worn down, squeaky, or difficult to open? Have your energy bills gradually increased in the last couple of months?

While some of these signs can point to the need for new roofing or siding, they can also indicate that you may need door and window replacement. Regardless of these signs, it’s a good idea to replace older windows and doors every 10-20 years.

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