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Are you excited to expand your living sDeck builder Rochester NYpace into the outdoors and increase the market value of your home? As your fully licensed and insured deck contractors, Exceptional Exteriors Inc. builds beautifully designed custom decks to suit your specific wants and needs. We offer multiple deck and porch options at affordable prices for all sized jobs. Your satisfaction is our priority!

New Deck Building & Deck Repair

deck contractors rochester nyNot sure if you need your deck to be repaired or replaced? Several factors to consider:

  • Is anyone at risk of injury if they use your current deck?
  • Has your deck lost any structural integrity?
  • Are you planning to eventually sell your house and you want to increase its market value?
  • Is the deck in danger of damaging further sections of the deck or house?
  • Does the deck appear dilapidated or unsightly?

Our experienced staff can come onsite to view the current situation and analyze if you need repairs or a full-on replacement of your deck. If the latter, we can customize your deck to your precise specifications. We also build additions to decks if you wish to expand your current deck.

How Much Does a New Deck Cost?

Price is a major consideration when you need a new deck. The answer varies upon the kind of deck you need, the size, quality of materials, cost and ease of maintenance, and any extra aesthetics. You can take a look at the national average of deck prices in the chart below. Enter your zip code to learn what custom desks typically cost in your area.

What contributes to the cost?

Functionality – what you want to do with you deck – will help determine the price. If you plan on using your deck for more than a simple sitting area, the price will likely increase as you add aesthetics and extras, like railings, lighting, stairs, etc. But your choice of material accounts for the largest portion of cost. Higher quality materials may cost more initially, but require less maintenance and upkeep than cheaper substitutes. Options of material include wood and composite materials.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pdeck contractors rochester nyressure treated (PT) wood, usually southern yellow pine, is one of the cheapest options for a wood deck, averaging $15 per square foot, and can last up to 40 years. PT lumber has been chemically treated to resist rot, decay, and bugs (the chemicals used to treat the wood are much less harmful than they were prior to 2003).

Although one of the more popular options given its affordability, PT wood is susceptible to warping and splitting, so it requires frequent maintenance. To protect it from the harsh elements common to upstate NY, you’ll need to apply water repellant 6 weeks after the deck is first installed, and then once every year after that. You’ll also want to apply stain/sealant every year or every other year to contain the harsh chemicals from the wood and to keep your deck looking new.  


As an alternative to PT lumber, hardwood options include ipe (pronounced ee-pay; costs $22.50 sq./ft. on average), bamboo (about $4 sq./ft.), and tigerwood (about $20 sq./ft.), which all make gorgeous decks. Although they’re much more expensive than PT lumber, they naturally resist rot and decay and are less prone to warping and cracking, so less maintenance is required.  


Cedar, averaging $3.75 per square foot, makes a beautiful custom deck. Although cedar is prone to scratches and dings, blemishes can be sanded out and smoothed to look like new. As a softwood, however, it does require staining and sealing every other year or so to protect it from sun damage and moisture. Redwood (about $7.75 sq./ft.) is another beautiful decking option and can last for decades.

Composite Material

Composite materials, made of plastics and wood fibers, usually cost anywhere from $4-35 per square foot, depending on how elaborate you’d like your deck to be. Some composite materials let you have your pick of color, stain, and texture, and you can request some to resemble the grain of real wood. For a slightly reduced cost, you can order composite boards that have a hollow core, which can encase electric wires if you plan on setting up lighting around your deck.

Decks with composite material don’t require as much maintenance and upkeep as real wood. A good scrubbing with a bristle brush every year is about all it takes.


Of course the size of your new custom deck contributes to price. Oversized decks can look out of place on smaller houses, and likewise, small decks look strange on larger homes. We can help you determine an appropriately sized deck that suits your home AND fits your budget.

Cost and Ease of Maintenance

To keep your deck looking brand new, some maintenance is required, such as:

  • Scrubbing/pressure washing
  • Sanding
  • Bleaching (as necessary)
  • Staining/Sealing
  • Replacing a warped or cracked board as needed

The type of material you select for your deck will contribute to how much upkeep and maintenance is needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about building your deck, contact us at Exceptional Exteriors Inc. today for a personal consultation or click here to view a gallery of our work!

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