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roofing rochester nyExceptional Exteriors is excited to offer homeowners expert roofing as our primary exterior service. Whether you need a roof repair or a new roof installation, our crew of experts will help enhance the value of your home.

Not sure if you need a brand new roof? Here are some important things to consider about the need for roof repair. A leak, crack, or break…

  • risks causing further damage to the roof
  • threatens the structural integrity of your home
  • wastes money on higher energy costs

If your roof threatens the above dangers, it’s time to fix it. Which leads us to our frequently asked questions about roof repair and installations: cost, warranty, and appearance.

How much does a new roof cost to install?

A roof is an investment. They can last beyond 25 years before they need replacement or repair. So how much will your roofing job cost?

The answer to this question will depend on your need. The chart below shows national average roofing estimates. Enter your zipcode to discover the averages for your area to get an idea of what your new roof could cost.


What goes into the cost of a roofing project?

There are four main categories that make up the price of a roofing project. The two main categories are, of course, labor and materials.

1. Labor

Paying a crew for their professional installation skills accounts for 20-30% of the overall cost of your roof replacement. This includes the careful removal and disposal of the old roof and underlayment. The sheathing is then inspected and the new roof installation begins. Costs may vary depending on the size and angles of your roof.

2. Roofing Materials

Materials are expensive. For example, asphalt shingles are made of oil and are affected by high demand for highway asphalt. That’s why between 70-80% of the overall cost goes to materials.

3. Accessory Materials

This might include a fresh drip edge, fasteners, new ventilation, and new flashing. Accessory materials account for about 3% of the overall cost.

4. Equipment Costs

Equipment is roughly less than 1% of the overall cost. This category may include equipment such as roof jacks, shingle cutters, air compressors, pneumatic nailers, liability insurance, and fuel.

How can a roof warranty benefit you?

Our roofing brands offer a variety of different warranty options. Some brands offer 5-10 year warranties. Other brands offer exclusive warranties to contractor network members and cover a range as high as 15-50 years. These warranties ofen cover material defects and labor to repair material defects. Ask us about warranty options for your new roof.

What options are available for new roofing?

We offer two excellent roofing materials with a wide selection of colors to complement your home. The two main materials we use are asphalt shingles and cedar shake. Find out which one best suits your situation.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used on American residential homes. The main reason for this is because they are easy to install and are economical. Their appearance complements many architectural styles, especially traditional suburban homes. They can last up to 20-25 years.

Cedar Shake

Many homeowners enjoy the natural look of cedar shake roofing. The rustic look complements home styles such as cottages, bungalows, and Tudor-style homes. They can last around 25-30 years.

Roof Color Options

Since we provide several different roofing brands, we also offer many color options. Test out the Roofing Color Compass® Quiz created by one of our brands to help you choose the asphalt that reflects your personality and aesthetic style.


Gutter Repair Rochester NYWe also provide solutions for gutter repair. Clogged or broken gutters can lead to structural damage and water in your basement. To prevent this, make sure your gutters are fully intact, with no leaves or debris blocking the runoff.

Exceptional Exteriors is proud to offer certified roofing and gutter installation and repair solutions to the Rochester area. Prepare your home for the weather ahead with our professionals.

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